Friday, July 31, 2009

Gluten Free Flours

Almond meal
Amaranth flour
Arrowroot flour
Artichoke flour
Besan (chickpea) flour
Brown rice flour
Buckwheat flour
Channah (type of chickpea) flour
Coconut Flour (finely ground coconut meat)
Corn flour
Corn meal
Cottonseed flour
Dahl or Dal flour (Indian split peas or beans ground as flour)
Flaxseed meal (also known as liniseed meal)
Garbanzo meal (chickpea aka besan and gram)
Hazelnut meal
Lentil flour
Maize (Corn)
Millet flour
Nut meal
Peanut flour
Quinoa flour
Semolina flour
Sunflower seed flour

Gluten Free pastes

Ingredients: (all from vegetable sources) Sunflower oil, Canola oil^, vegetable oils, water, salt, emulsifiers (471, 322 sunflower lecithin), flavour, vitamins A, D2, E.

Nuttelex Olive
Ingredients: (all from vegetable sources) Vegetable oils 65% (21% olive oil), water, salt, emulsifiers (471, 322 sunflower lecithin), flavour, vitamins A, D2, E.

Tahini ( Sesame Seed Paste)
Ingredients: 5 parts Sesame seeds to 1 part oil

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Agave Syrup
During my research for gluten free biscuits I came across a new ingredient which is perfect for people who are diabetic or on a low carb diet. I was lucky enough to try some Agave syrup over last weekend when Michael, Adrian and Siobhan visited and we baked some gluten-free muffins and enjoyed buckwheat pancakes with agave syrup. Yumm!

Agave Syrup has been used by ancient cultures in central Mexico for thousands of years. This high-fructuose natural syrup is obtained from the sap in the hearts (piƱas) of the agave or maguey (pronounced 'mah-gay') plant. The Agave plant shares a common habitat with many cacti, but it is not one itself. A natural plant fructose sweetener lower in calories than sugar or honey but 1.4 times sweeter. There are several brands in Australia including Natures Goodness (pictured). A wonderful sugar substitute that is low GI (GI count of 11)

Brands available in Australia are:

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