Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gluten Free Friands at McDonalds

Ever walked into a McDonalds and thought
'is there anything here which is gluten free?" 

Unfortunately they do not offer a gluten free bun or wrap option but they DO have gluten free friands in McCafe! Only $2.40 and absolutely delicious. So far I have tried the raspberry friand and chocolate friand. On the McDonalds McCafe section they list more gluten-free products:

  • Orange & Almond - Mini 
  • Gluten Free Triple Choc Fudge Cookies 
  • Gluten Free White Choc Chunk & Macadamia Nut Cookie
  • Jaffa torte
  • Almond and Orange Loaf
They also have garden salads which are tasty and healthy. Even better is to order a classic seared chicken without the mayonnaise and bun!

Classic Seared Chicken: 100% marinated chicken breast chicken breast with salad leaves

Other menu items which are gluten free include:

  • creamy ranch dipping sauce
  • honey mustard dipping sauce
  • salad dressing -italian
  • hashbrown
  • garden salad
Some items which contain gluten that surprised me:
  • iced coffee
  • sundae - hot fudge
  • vanilla chai latte
  • caramel flavoured syrup
  • hazelnut flavoured syrup
  • vanilla flavoured syrup
  • frappe (all of them)
  • soy milk
I love hot fudge sundaes and never thought they would contain gluten. 

Read the nutirition: food sensitivities list for more information

McDonalds Food Sensitivity overview

McCafe Menu items

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