Thursday, September 01, 2011

Shellharbour Square - Wrap It! Organic Gluten Free Wraps

I was shopping at Shellharbour Square and looking for something to eat when I saw a sign for organic gluten free wraps at Wrap It. I went to buy one but they had sold out because 'they are so popular'.

This just goes to show that when people make the effort to cook without wheat and gluten that the people who, through no fault of their own, have to go without many of their favourite foods because wheat is seen as the 'staff of life'.

For someone with a wheat intolerance who gives into temptation of eating something that is not gluten free, it can cause cramps and bloating, foggy head, discomfort - and far more serious consequences for Coeliacs.
In my case my stomach didn't develop properly. I don't have the digestive enzymes needed to break down the protein gluten.

I am so happy to see signs stating 'gluten free' and food providers choosing to focus on almond meal, coconut flour, rice flour, corn flour and other wheat flour alternatives. Most times they TASTE better and if flours are bought in bulk or self-milled have a similar cost.

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