Monday, April 19, 2010

Bulli - Gluten Free Dining -

A kind reader by the name of Renee sent an email alerting me to yet another wonderful gluten free restaurant in the Illawarra. This time it is located in Bulli and from their website I learned that they are past winners (2008) of South Coast 'Best Pizza Restaurant" in restaurant and caterers awards.

Whilst it doesn't list gluten-free options on the main page of the site  our reader Renee says that it does.

"Bon Aroma Pizza offer several gluten free meals, including the option of gluten free pizza bases and gluten free pasta, as well as risottos and mains that are gluten free.
The menu is available at "
Being a seafood lover I am drawn to their tasting plate. It sounds delicious and so inexpensive!

Seafood Tasting Plate
‘w’ salt & pepper calamari, garlic prawns, chilli mussels, ‘w’ beer battered fish & dipping sauces served with wood fired bread 2 person 20.00 4 person 38.00

I'm also curious to try the Italian Tasting plate.

Italian Share Plate
Marinated olives, fetta, chorizo, salt & pepper calamari , arincini(rice balls),homemade meatballs ,dips served w wood fired pizza bread  - 2 person 18.00 4 person 36.00

There are several items on the mains menu that are coded with the letter G for Gluten Free, making it easy to locate gluten free meals including Fish (Barramundi), Chicken, Veal and Lamb dishes.  I will be sure to visit when next in Bulli.

Note: Closed on Mondays

Address: Shop 1 323 Princes Highway, Bulli 2516

Phone: (02) 4283 5455

From 5.00pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday Only

Fully licensed: (BYO bottled wine only)

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Save time and research online

Ever since I discovered Woolworths Homeshop and Coles Online I have used them to research products available in my area. Both sites asks you to select your location and the results are customised to your area. Sometimes there may be a hiccup and a product isn't available but generally it is a good way to plan your shopping and grab a bargain. 

  1. go to
  2. select your location (post code and town)
  3. do a search (top left hand side of screen)
  4. view the results filtered by departments (eg. frozen, pet food, etc)
  5. a search for gluten will show a wide range of products. 
  6. filter by price or brand will save you a lot of time
  7. order via Woolworths HomeShop or print out your shopping cart list and take it with you when you shop
Coles Online is much the same process. You can then compare prices between the two and save a lot of time and money, not to mention your feet and avoiding other trolleys. If you know the exact name of a product the helpful people who work there will often find it easier to help you find your desired product. 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Specials: Country Life Bread at Woolworths - 2 for 1

Today I purchased two loaves of the Country Life Bread I love for the price of one. Score!

That's a saving of $5.68!
Better yet, they had one of the new varieties I had been wanting to try: Quinoa, Malt & Roasted Rye. They also had my new favourite,  Flaxseed Sunflower & Sourdough Rye 650g which tastes almost identical to the Soy Linseed bread I used to buy before I realised I was wheat sensitive. I took some of the Flaxseed, Sunflower & Sourdough Rye to my Mum's house and it was the first gluten free bread that she really enjoyed. In fact, everyone that has tried it has said that they would definitely eat it again.  Gluten-free bread has come a long way and with each new product by Country Life I'm getting spoiled for choice.

So what are you going to do with all that bread? 
Pick up some Glad Zip lock bags or sandwich bags and freeze two pieces of bread at a time. That way you can easily keep your bread fresh in the freezer for months and spend the money you saved on some other tasty gluten-free products you might not have tried before.

I love the new packaging. So easy to find my favourite variety which is colour coded purple. I decided to photograph the bread showing a couple of slices out of the pack. 
It tastes how bread should. The flax seed (linseed), sunflower and sourdough a great combination. The quinoa is darker in colour due to the malt. A photo soon to come.

Country Life Gluten Free bread  - flax seed, sunflower & sourdough rye for wheat sensitivity
Vanessa Pike-Russell

Recipe: Light and fluffy Gluten-Free Buckwheat pancakes

Whenever my eight year old friend Siobhan stays over for a visit we make Buckwheat Pancakes from a packet mix by Orgran. Today we decided to experiment with the mixture, breaking from the tradition of following the Ranch Style directions on the pack in favour of some fluffier, tastier versions.



1/2 pack of Buckwheat Pancake mix
1/4 cup of water
1/4 cup of dairy-free milk such as oat milk, rice milk or soy
2 eggs 
butter or oil for cooking (coconut oil in this case)

  1. open the packet and pour out half of the packet mix into a large  bowl
  2. slowly add  the water and milk a little at a time
  3. whisk the eggs and add to mixture
  4. continue whisking briskly until a good consistency is reached
  5. pour into hot pan with oil (coconut oil used in this recipe).
  6. once the bubbles start to appear on the pancake all over
  7. move the pancake in the pan by using a swirling action.
  8. take the frypan with two hands and gently flip it in the air like Julia Child!
  9. wait two minutes and then check by flipping once more
  10. Serve with a thin drizzle of honey, agave syrup, golden syrup or maple syrup. 
Fluffy, soft pancakes which are gluten and dairy free!

Vanessa Pike-Russell

Monday, April 12, 2010

Illawarra Gluten Free: Giveaways and Fundraising

Coming soon to Illawarra Gluten-Free

Please contact me if you are an Illawarra business that caters to people with Wheat or Gluten sensitivity.

Whether it be a cafe, restaurant, food producer or stock products in your business. I would love to hear from you

About Illawarra Gluten Free blog and how it came to be

A directory of Gluten free products,
stores and online shopping catering
to people from the Illawarra.

me by you.
Who am I?
My name is Vanessa Pike-Russell and I started this blog after realising that all the research I was doing would be best shared with others in the same plight.

I am no stranger to keeping a foodie blog, starting Illawarra Food Reviews after returning to live in the Illawarra after two years spent in Hobart, Tasmania. 

I come from a long line of foodies and wanted to journal as much of my travels around Tasmania as possible to share with friends and family. I decided to continue the tradition of photographing and journalling my gastronomic journeys when returning to live in Wollongong in 2002.

In the past few years I had noticed a significant cause and effect between foods eaten and symptoms labeled as IBS which have now almost disappeared once I cut wheat and gluten out of my diet.  You can read my story about discovering my wheat sensitivity here.

I have provided an index of directories: books, flours, product outlets, recipes etc to get you started.

Why Illawarra Gluten Free?
Illawarra Food Reviews: Lee and Me - Flourless Lindt Chocolate Cake by you.
[ Flourless chocolate cake from Lee & Me, Wollongong ]

I chose to focus on the Illawarra area because that is where I live. I grew up in Wollongong a place that roughly translates to "Between the Mountains and the sea."

We are indeed blessed with a wealth of local seafoods, fresh produce and stunning coastal vistas. If you have ever travelled south of Sydney down the Sea Scape Bridge then you would have seen just how beautiful it is. The illawarra region stretches from the Southern suburbs of Sydney down to the Far South Coast of New South Wales.

The definition of the Illawarra differs depending on the sources you read but in general it consists of three cities:

and also loosely includes the 'South Coast' including areas
such as Berry, Nowra and Kangaroo Valley

Local Food Heroes: Keiraville Fine Cuisine

Filed under: Illawarra Food Heroes

Keiraville Fine Cuisine
Located in the leafy suburb of Keiraville nestled between a butcher, supermarket, green grocer and corner store. Only a few streets away from the University and a definite treasure trove of gourmet foods and treats.
They also stock a range of gluten free foods including the Berihurikari Curries from Berry, NSW. 

Pastries - Chicken and Mushroom Filo, Spinach and Feta Filo 

Pastries at Keiraville Fine Cuisine Deli, Keiraville by you.
  Triple berry Yoghurt
Triple Berry Yoghurt at Keiraville Fine Cuisine Deli, Keiraville by you. 
Berihurikari curries available in the fridge
BeriHuriKari Gluten Free Asian Curries

A range of cakes and friands
Cakes at Keiraville Fine Cuisine Deli, Keiraville by you. 

Pure Gelato range including Lemon sorbet, Vanilla bean, Chocolate and Hazelnut

Pure Gelato Lemon sorbet and Vanilla Bean Gelato tubs at Keiraville Fine Cuisine by you.

Delicatessens - Keiraville, NSW

p: (02) 4227 2281

a: Shp 4/ 207 Gipps Rd,
Keiraville NSW 2500, Australia
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Local Food Hero in Berry, NSW : Berihurikari Gluten Free Curries

Filed under: Local Food Heroes

I first heard about the Berihurikari Curries at Keiraville Fine Cuisine, near Wollongong. The lady behind the counter who is married to the owner of the Keiraville Butcher next door recommended them highly and at first bite I knew why. High quality ingredients cooked with love and sold in a ready to heat container that could be placed in the freezer or eaten after heating after 5-7 minutes. Restaurant quality and even better - gluten free!

BeriHuriKari Gluten Free Asian Curries

All Berihurikari curries are gluten free.

Curries and Rice come in 500gm bags (serves 2 persons) or 250gm bags (single serve).

Prices show 500gm/250gm.

Chicken dishes all $18 for 500g or $11 for 250g

  • Buttered Chicken (Murgh Makhani) - lovely thick creamy sauce
  • White Chicken Korma - delicately flavoured with spices, yoghurt and dash of rose water
  • Chicken with Toasted Coconut- delicately flavoured with coconut milk, spices, lemon & chilli.
  • Chicken Bangalore - coconut milk, spices, lemon juice, lemon zest and fresh coriander
  • Chicken in Coconut Milk (Rendang Ayam) medium curry with coconut, red chillies & spices
  • Chicken Hyderabad - A spicy medium chicken curry with a citrus and tomato tang
  • Chicken Kukul Mas - A spicy chicken curry with a tangy citrus bite, finished with coconut cream

Lamb dishes also $18 / $11

  • Lamb Korma
  • Lamb Saag
  • Roghan Josh 

Beef dishes are $16 / $9.50
  • Beef Madras
  • Cardamon Beef
  • Bombay Beef
  • Beef Vindaloo

Vegetable curries are $15 / $8.10

  • Kumera and Cashew Nut Curry - kumera and cashew nuts, spices, lemon zest and coconut milk
  • Dahl - home style lentil curry, mild
  • Zucchini and Red Lentil Curry - tangy with tomatoes, coconut milk and fresh coriander
  • Mixed Vegetable Curry - creamy vegetable curry with fresh lemon zest and coriander
  • Aubergine (Eggplant) and Potato Curry - spicy curry with tomatoes, chillies , spices and coriander

Rice and poppadom dishes
  • Plain Savoury Rice (Namkin Chawal)
  • Pilau Rice - savoury rice dish
  • Lijjat Pappadams - Plain, Pepper or Cumin (6 or 3 to a pack) - $5.00/$2.50

Available From
Orders can be placed directly with Berihurikari (see contact details above). Curry choices and prices are available on the Berihurikari website (click link on this page)
Deliveries are made to NSW Central Coast, Blue Mountains and Sydney suburbs. See website for details or contact Berihurikari direct
Berry Markets (1st Sunday of the month)
Kiama Produce Market (4th Saturday of the month)
Bowral Produce Market (2nd Saturday of the month)
Wollongong Mall Markets at Crown Central (every Friday)
Major events at Homebush stadium (from the food vendor area outside the stadium)
Various retail outlets including Manuka Fine Food Store (Canberra), Green Poppy (Shellharbour), Jamberoo General Store (Jamberoo), Kangaroo Valley Supermarket (Kangaroo Valley), Mangerton
Convenience Store (Mangerton), Keiraville Fine Cuisine (Wollongong), Emporium (Berry)

Welcome to Illawarra Gluten Free


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