Monday, April 12, 2010

About Illawarra Gluten Free blog and how it came to be

A directory of Gluten free products,
stores and online shopping catering
to people from the Illawarra.

me by you.
Who am I?
My name is Vanessa Pike-Russell and I started this blog after realising that all the research I was doing would be best shared with others in the same plight.

I am no stranger to keeping a foodie blog, starting Illawarra Food Reviews after returning to live in the Illawarra after two years spent in Hobart, Tasmania. 

I come from a long line of foodies and wanted to journal as much of my travels around Tasmania as possible to share with friends and family. I decided to continue the tradition of photographing and journalling my gastronomic journeys when returning to live in Wollongong in 2002.

In the past few years I had noticed a significant cause and effect between foods eaten and symptoms labeled as IBS which have now almost disappeared once I cut wheat and gluten out of my diet.  You can read my story about discovering my wheat sensitivity here.

I have provided an index of directories: books, flours, product outlets, recipes etc to get you started.

Why Illawarra Gluten Free?
Illawarra Food Reviews: Lee and Me - Flourless Lindt Chocolate Cake by you.
[ Flourless chocolate cake from Lee & Me, Wollongong ]

I chose to focus on the Illawarra area because that is where I live. I grew up in Wollongong a place that roughly translates to "Between the Mountains and the sea."

We are indeed blessed with a wealth of local seafoods, fresh produce and stunning coastal vistas. If you have ever travelled south of Sydney down the Sea Scape Bridge then you would have seen just how beautiful it is. The illawarra region stretches from the Southern suburbs of Sydney down to the Far South Coast of New South Wales.

The definition of the Illawarra differs depending on the sources you read but in general it consists of three cities:

and also loosely includes the 'South Coast' including areas
such as Berry, Nowra and Kangaroo Valley

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