Saturday, April 17, 2010

Specials: Country Life Bread at Woolworths - 2 for 1

Today I purchased two loaves of the Country Life Bread I love for the price of one. Score!

That's a saving of $5.68!
Better yet, they had one of the new varieties I had been wanting to try: Quinoa, Malt & Roasted Rye. They also had my new favourite,  Flaxseed Sunflower & Sourdough Rye 650g which tastes almost identical to the Soy Linseed bread I used to buy before I realised I was wheat sensitive. I took some of the Flaxseed, Sunflower & Sourdough Rye to my Mum's house and it was the first gluten free bread that she really enjoyed. In fact, everyone that has tried it has said that they would definitely eat it again.  Gluten-free bread has come a long way and with each new product by Country Life I'm getting spoiled for choice.

So what are you going to do with all that bread? 
Pick up some Glad Zip lock bags or sandwich bags and freeze two pieces of bread at a time. That way you can easily keep your bread fresh in the freezer for months and spend the money you saved on some other tasty gluten-free products you might not have tried before.

I love the new packaging. So easy to find my favourite variety which is colour coded purple. I decided to photograph the bread showing a couple of slices out of the pack. 
It tastes how bread should. The flax seed (linseed), sunflower and sourdough a great combination. The quinoa is darker in colour due to the malt. A photo soon to come.

Country Life Gluten Free bread  - flax seed, sunflower & sourdough rye for wheat sensitivity
Vanessa Pike-Russell

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