Monday, July 26, 2010

Simply Wize Gluten-Free Crusty Bread

Simply Wize Gluten-Free Crusty Bread

There's nothing like crusty bread just straight from the oven.
Great with a little bit of tahini spread (sesame seeds) and a drizzle of honey. Delicious!

Simply Wize Gluten-Free Crusty Bread

Tahini recipes

In my research on Gluten-Free sweets I decided to make some halva from Tahini with honey and whilst it is delicious I need to curb my sweet tooth so decided to research more recipes made with Tahini. Within a few seconds I found a great new sauce for fish made with tahini, lemon juice, water and cayenne

Tahini (also spelled taheeni, taheneh or tahineh, which comes from the Arabic word tahana meaning to grind) is very nutritious, containing many of the food values needed by the human body. It has no cholesterol, is relatively sodium free, and is made up from about 50% fat, 20% protein, 16% carbohydrates, 5% fibre. It also contains a good amount of calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamins C and E. In the Middle Eastern lands it has long been believed that, when combined with legumes, tahini becomes the ultimate human edible.
A common sauce is made from tahini, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and, at times, other seasonings. This tangy mixture can be served by itself as an appetizer, or combined with avocados, chickpeas, eggplants, potatoes, and a number of other vegetables to create vegetarian delights. It is served with fish and all types of barbecued meats, or employed as a dressing in falafel sandwiches and salads. It is also excellent for seasoning soups and stews and as an ingredient in candies or baking products. A mix of an equal amount of this paste and honey makes a tasty, healthy syrup, which is great with pancakes and waffles or as a morning dip for bread.
(Source: Tahini: A health food par-excellence by Habeeb Salloum )

And a great dip made from tahini and grape syrup by  Only Turkish Food: Tahini with Grape Syrup

Tahini & Grape Molasses (Tahin Pekmez)

Tahini & Grape Molasses

Tahini - a health food par excellence

Do you have a recipe using Tahini I should know about? Comment below or email me at

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sydney Gluten Free Expo

The Coeliac Society of NSW will host the sixth annual Gluten Free Expo on Friday 6th August and Saturday 7th August at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park. The two day Gluten Free Expo is a consumer event open to the public with free admission. Consumers will be introduced to a wide range of gluten free products and recipes and can experience live cooking demonstrations and informative talks from food experts including chef and fitness trainer Teresa Cutter. Teresa has appeared regularly on Channel 7’s Sunrise and writes for Women’s Health, Fitness First and House & Garden.

If you're from the Illawarra and want to travel together with others to the Gluten Free Expo RSVP to the event on Facebook  

Great Gluten Free Cooking with “The Healthy Chef” - Teresa Cutter
Saturday 7 August at 10.00am, 12.30pm and 2.15pm
Teresa Cutter  is one of Australia’s leading authorities on healthy cooking.  A qualified chef and fitness trainer, she has combined her knowledge on food, diet and exercise to specialize in developing healthy recipes for people who love food, who love to eat and who have made a conscious decision to maximize their health and wellbeing.  Teresa has appeared regularly on Channel 7’s Sunrise and writes for Women’s Health, Fitness First and House & Garden.
What is Gluten Intolerance? (and what it’s not) –
Dr Robert Anderson

Saturday 7 August at 11.15am and 1.30pm
Dr Robert Anderson is an international authority in coeliac disease. He is a specialist gastroenterologist, medical researcher, and also leading the commercial development of the “coeliac vaccine”.  In 2003 he founded the Coeliac Research Fund and has led a national campaign to raise the awareness of doctors to ensure better medical management of coeliac disease.
What’s Missing in a Gluten Free Diet? –
Penny Dellsperger

Saturday 7 August at 12noon and 3.00pm
Penny Dellsperger is an Accredited Practising Dietitian employed by The Coeliac Society of NSW.   Her role at The Coeliac Society extends from patient consultation to education of dietitians, health and child care facilities in the field of coeliac disease.  Penny represents The Coeliac Society on the Allergen Forum's Labelling Working Group and is a board member of the Coeliac Research Fund.
How to Read Food Labels and Shop with Confidence – Graham Price

Friday 6 August at 6.30pm, Saturday 7 August at 10.45am
Graham Price is the Technical Officer of The Coeliac Society of Australia. In this capacity he provides advice on gluten labelling issues and runs The Coeliac Society’s endorsement programme.  He is a member of Food Standards Australia New Zealand external team on gluten labelling issues, and a member of the working party set up by the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology and the Australian Food & Grocery Council to review allergen labelling.  Graham is also a board member of the Coeliac Research Fund and carries out education programmes with those who cater for the gluten free diet.

Terrific Travel Tips – Sue Black

Friday 6 August at 6.00pm, Saturday 7 August at 1.00pm
Sue Black is a staff member of The Coeliac Society of NSW and Travel Editor of The Australian Coeliac magazine.  Sue is responsible for the compilation and updating of the Society travel information both within Australia and overseas.

Fresh Gluten Free Cooking Ideas with Rick Grant

Friday 6 August at 7.15pm
Rick Grant (aka Uncle Rick) is one of Australia's most experienced gluten free chefs.  Since early 1980, Rick has been researching alternative flours and techniques that have enabled him to write and develop over 200 delicious wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and fructose friendly recipes ranging from breads, pastries, cakes, puddings, soups, sauces and biscuits.  Rick has just released an e

The Program at a Glance

Friday 6 August

4.00pm        Expo opens
5.15pm        Cooking with Tasty Bite
6.00pm        Presentation – Travel Tips
6.30pm        Presentation – Reading Labels
7.15pm        Cooking with Rick Grant  
8.00pm        Expo closes

Saturday 7 August
9.00am        Expo opens
9.30am        Entertainment
10.00am      Cooking with Teresa Cutter
10.45am      Presentation – Reading Labels
11.15am      Presentation – Gluten Intolerance
12 noon      Presentation – Gluten Free Diet       
12.30pm     Cooking with Teresa Cutter   
1.00pm       Presentation – Travel Tips
1.30pm       Presentation – Gluten Intolerance
2.15pm       Cooking with Teresa Cutter
3.00pm       Presentation – Gluten Free Diet
4.00pm       Coeliac Society Annual Meeting
5.00pm       Expo closes

For more information about the Gluten Free Expo in Sydney's Olympic Park August 6th and 7th visit the sites below


Illawarra Gluten Free goes to Sydney Gluten Free Facebook Event

Gluten Free Expo Site

Coeliac Society NSW

Teresa Cutter's website

The Healthy Chef

Friday, July 09, 2010

Adults for Kids prices at Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife World

The Sunday Telegraph and Sydney Attractions Group are giving you the chance to purchase adult tickets at kids prices to visit Sydney Aquarium or Sydney Wildlife World these school holidays.

Don't miss SHARK HQ at Sydney Aquarium! Submerge yourself in the world of these
awe-inspiring animals. Witness state of the art shark tracking divers, baby sharks
and from July 12 come face to face with the largest animatronic Great White Shark in
the world. Plus, make sure you check out Rex, one of the world's largest crocodiles
next door at Sydney Wildlife World.

Don't miss The Sunday Telegraph this weekend for details.

For more information about Sydney Aquarium and Sydney Wildlife World, click here.

Win $200 for your energy bills this Winter

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Win a Nestlé hamper valued at $100
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Thursday, July 08, 2010

New Product: World's Best Cereal

 Recently I was sent a sample of  World's Best Cereal. Yes, that's what the brand is called.
When I first heard the brand name I  was understandably taken back. That's a big call. Not just 'Australia's Best' or 'The Best Gluten-Free Cereal' but 'World's Best'. Obviously they take a lot of pride of product and feel that with the high quality of ingredients and health benefits that it lives up to its name. At first taste I was impressed. Most definitely one of the best cereals I've tried.

A wonderful mixture of puffed brown rice, millet and buckwheat with plenty of almonds, pepitas and sunflower seeds for crunch and texture.  My favourite additions were the dried cranberries. The only improvements I could suggest is for the addition of the ancient superfood grains of Quinoa and Amaranth. I think that they would really add a great taste, texture and nutrients to an already fantastic breakfast cereal.

 If you’re tired of fake, cardboard cereals that offer empty promises and unnecessary sugar and additives, you’ll love the taste of World’s Best Cereal – or WBC

Naturopath, star of hit NZ TV series “Downsize Me” and also a widely consulted expert in the health and wellness industry in Australia and New Zealand,

Dr Kristof had a simple vision to develop a cereal that spoke to people’s senses and worked on their health.

“Our cereal makes you smile from the inside out because the ingredients are beautifully natural and well-balanced. Our team of health professionals made sure we were right on target for health. But then we found the best thing – our cereal tastes fantastic because we stuck to Nature’s plan,”

Damian Kristof comments.
A gluten and diary free cereal WBC- World's Best Cereal designed by one of Australia's leading naturopath Dr Damian Kristof.

 WBC is a power packed cereal carefully blended with ingredients from nature’s bounty!

Simple, natural and easy to digest, WBC uses traditional grains, nuts, seeds and health giving fruits to delight tastebuds with its delicious naturalness.

Friday, July 02, 2010

How to Make Gluten Free Beer - Recipe |

How to Make Gluten Free Beer - Recipe |
By logan albertson, eHow Member gluten free beer is one of the most sought after items by celiacs, and one of the biggest challenges for home brewers. Many have just come to except that good gluten free beer is just an urban legend, it's not easy to find but it does exist. This article gives a detailed recipe for making a gluten free belgian wit style beer, and believe it or not, it is delicious.

Be aware, that Gluten free brewing can get a little complex, so this article is intended for experienced brewers. However, my intent is not to exclude anyone who want this information. If you need clarification on terminology or techniques you may want to view my other brewing articles, and you can always send your questions to me and I will get back to you.

This recipe is my own variation, but I believe in giving credit where credit is due. The original recipe came from a brilliant Australian brewer named Andrew Lavery."


Thursday, July 01, 2010

Shopping: Relish This

Recently I was alerted to a new range of saucy relishes that started as a foodie experiment by someone bored with corporate life is now a commercial success and sold in Australia and New Zealand made with locally sourced Australian produce and natural ingredients.  Everything is gluten free so I'm getting in line to try them!
Our relishes are all fresh, tasty and 'saucy'. They are pretty healthy, taste really yummy and are even a little bit sexy!  Our products are all gluten free, artificial gunk free, animal free and almost fat free*, made with australian local produce and of 'home-made' quality.

red capsicum the original saucy relish.
she tastes more sweet than savoury, with morsels of red capsicum, apple, tomato and zucchini all bathing in a tasty scarlet sauce.

red capsicum chilli - very mild.
the original saucy relish in a tasty scarlet sauce - with a little bit of chilli.

red capsicum chilli - feisty (medium - hot)
the original saucy relish in a tasty scarlet sauce - with a fair bit of chilli.

beetroot apple n orange.  beautiful bossy beet!
a refreshing taste of sweet beet n apple with a twang of ginger and earthy cumin, finished off with a sparkle of orange!

mango n chilli - limited edition.only available over summer
a sweet sticky golden goo with plump lumps of mango goodness, popping with chilli n ginger.

balsamic red onion n lime.  our latest product.
A savoury sweet balsamic red onion blend with a slight burst of lime

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