Thursday, July 08, 2010

New Product: World's Best Cereal

 Recently I was sent a sample of  World's Best Cereal. Yes, that's what the brand is called.
When I first heard the brand name I  was understandably taken back. That's a big call. Not just 'Australia's Best' or 'The Best Gluten-Free Cereal' but 'World's Best'. Obviously they take a lot of pride of product and feel that with the high quality of ingredients and health benefits that it lives up to its name. At first taste I was impressed. Most definitely one of the best cereals I've tried.

A wonderful mixture of puffed brown rice, millet and buckwheat with plenty of almonds, pepitas and sunflower seeds for crunch and texture.  My favourite additions were the dried cranberries. The only improvements I could suggest is for the addition of the ancient superfood grains of Quinoa and Amaranth. I think that they would really add a great taste, texture and nutrients to an already fantastic breakfast cereal.

 If you’re tired of fake, cardboard cereals that offer empty promises and unnecessary sugar and additives, you’ll love the taste of World’s Best Cereal – or WBC

Naturopath, star of hit NZ TV series “Downsize Me” and also a widely consulted expert in the health and wellness industry in Australia and New Zealand,

Dr Kristof had a simple vision to develop a cereal that spoke to people’s senses and worked on their health.

“Our cereal makes you smile from the inside out because the ingredients are beautifully natural and well-balanced. Our team of health professionals made sure we were right on target for health. But then we found the best thing – our cereal tastes fantastic because we stuck to Nature’s plan,”

Damian Kristof comments.
A gluten and diary free cereal WBC- World's Best Cereal designed by one of Australia's leading naturopath Dr Damian Kristof.

 WBC is a power packed cereal carefully blended with ingredients from nature’s bounty!

Simple, natural and easy to digest, WBC uses traditional grains, nuts, seeds and health giving fruits to delight tastebuds with its delicious naturalness.

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