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Article: Gluten free? No problem

September 03, 2009

Section: Feel Good


When Vanessa Pike-Russell changed over to a gluten-free diet, she never expected her menu to expand to dramatically.
“Instead of decreasing the amount of foods I can eat, I’ve increased that list significantly through research and now I’m having a lot of fun choosing what I can make and eat next,” she said.
Vanessa said that those who are gluten free need not fret about local restaurants and coffee shops catering to the healthier diet.
“It’s suprising to find that there are more places in the Illawarra than most people think who cater to gluten free diets, it’s just a matter of finding them or asking when you’re out,” Vanessa said.
As a keen blogger since 2005, Vanessa has compiled an impressive list of gluten free products, restaurants and recipes for others to enjoy.
“As the list of gluten-free flours grow it is getting easier to cook our favourite meals without a loss of flavour or texture,” Vanessa said.
“I’m excited by the use of coconut flour (made from finely ground coconut meal) and coconut oil for shortbreads and other biscuits but also in pastries and pie crusts.
“Rather than feeling saddened by the need to restrict gluten in my diet I am excited by the alternatives that are out there and look upon this as a way of widening my ingredients list and exploring some of the long established gluten-free alternatives used in cuisines around the world.”
For those looking to find out more about gluten free products, Vanessa suggests starting online such as her blog
“It’s amazing how much you can find when you do a little bit of research,” she said.

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